2008 O-Level Result Released

O-Level Results 2008

Yesterday on 12-Jan-2009 was the release of 2008 GCE O-Level Examination Results.   If you are parents of those children who are taking the GCE O-Level examination, you must already know how well your child had done for the Exams.    Some will be happy at their child’s performance but some may be worried.

With the release of the result, it also marks the start  2009 Admission Exercises.   For children who take the “Normal” mainstream path, they will have the choices to choose to apply to either Junior Colleges, Polytechnics or Institute of Technical Education.   How about other alternatives for ASD children who failed to follow the path of the mainstream and have taken the O-Level Examination?

In the next article, I planned to research into this area of different options especially the non-mainstream.   I noticed that there might not be too much choice in term of schoolings for children with ASD in Singapore.  

If you do aware of any of the alternatives, please do comment and help others to know what are the other options for their child.


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