2009 School Terms, School Holidays and Public Holidays

Singapore Public Holidays and School Holidays 2009

Holidays are always welcomed by both children and parents to either take a break from the routine schooling life or take the opportunity to be together with the family and relax.   The calendar for 2009 Singapore Public holiday is very good this year with many holidays falling on either Friday or Monday.  This make it possible to take a longer weekend break and you can schedule for longer holiday activities. 

 Here is the 2009 Singapore Public Holidays and I have also added in the School related holidays for Primary and Secondary School for your convenience.

Singapore Public Holidays 2009

2009 School Terms and School Term Holidays

Most of the public Primary and Secondary School of Singapore will follow the below scheduled school terms.  Term 2 and Term 4 School Holidays are something both parents and child are looking forwards to.

Singapore School Holidays 2009
Remember to rewards your child during all these public and school holidays for a relaxed and warm-hearted activities which could foster the family-ties at the same time.


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