A Brand New Year 2009, A New Chapter of Life

A Brand New Chapter 2009
As I woke up this morning, I was thinking of today and am still thinking now.  Gee.. it is a new start of the year and it will be another chapter of my life and today is the first page of that chapter.  For many, who have partied and celebrated the countdown yesterday night, they had ushered in another year, a brand new one.   For me who had a long break from work and whom also had fun last night, is now back to reality.   Back to the reality to face the events that will fill the chapter of this year.

A New Life

I am already anticipating so many new events that are already coming.   My child are going to new schools. There will be a turnaround of timetable from afternoon to morning sessions, some adjustments my wife and me need to do with our working time and coordinating of activities.   My child’s new schools also means they having new teachers, new classmates, new transportation arrangements and many other new challenges that we will be involved to help.  My child will also need help in additional improvement areas as they get older by a calendar year.   Many experts said the current financial crisis situation is just the tip of the iceberg and sure will hit many of us and affects many aspects of our life this year.

There definitely will be many other events relating to work, family and social life that we will come and many changes relating to those.   Some will be good and some will not be so good.   Hope that we will embrace them all, sort them out and put them gracefully into our new chapter of our life.   At the end of this year, when we look back, all events started from today.  Somehow, I am thrilled and excited to face this new year.  Today, is a day that we can also pledge to be “a new life”. Today is a flesh page of the new chapter of our life, let’s fill it up with our renewed faith and courage.

No matter good or bad, let’s looking forward for this brand new year. Today, as a starting point.  


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