Back To School 2009

Back to School
It is a brand new school year and a new school term.  For some parents, you may have been doing this for years, for some this may be new.  Those parents who are first experiencing schooling life for their child may be overwhelmed with many new arrangements and many new things you need to cope with their school life. It is not an easy job and having child with ASD does not make it easier.

Le Chemin des Ecoliers

Today is the first day of school in Singapore for 2009, how do you cope so far? I will start this school terms with some of the articles that will help you and your child to cope easier with schooling.  For experienced and inexperienced parents, I hope you will find the coming articles useful.
For Forum members, you can already get some articles relating to schooling in the “For members only” category.    If you are not yet a forum members, why not sign up as it is FREE.   And start sharing your tips and experiences with other online parents who share with similar situation?

Please leave comments for any of the topics you might be interested and I will try to find more about it for you.

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