Blog 1st Anniversary

First Anniversary of Blog

Happy Anniversary, Roses

Wow, times really flies and I have been writing in this blog for already one year! When I just started the blog, it was purely an experimental nature that I did not expected it to last longer than a few months.   I hope that you like and have benefited from this blog.   I do learn quite a lot of things while research on the articles and getting some valuable comments from you.

At many times, I was at the edge of giving up as there are many other things to take care of in my spare times (such as caring and teaching my son who has autism) and at times when my efforts in writing this blog does not seems to worth it (as there seems like no one is interested).

If it had not been the encouragements I received occasionally from many of you about how this blog had help you and the information actually raise the awareness of autism, I would have given up long ago. Thanks for your constant feedback and encouragement and I will continue to write articles that hopefully would become a tiny drop of contribution to the autism community and help parents across the world.

Thanks for your support and the pats on my shoulders!

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