Course Feb09: Toilet Training

Toilet Training Course (Focus:  Prel/Special School Students)

Target Audience for the Course:
Therapists and Professionals caring for/working with
Young children (Pre-School or in Special School) with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

Course Description

This training workshop is meant for parents/caregivers and professionals caring for/working with young children (pre-school or in special school) with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Attendance at this workshop will empower parents/caregivers and professionals with the knowledge and skills to support their child’s toilet training.

Participants will be instructed in the strategies and tools for developing an appropriate-level toilet training programme for their child with autism.

Participants in this training workshop will be exposed to “real-life” case examples which will focus on key issues in supporting a child with autism in the area of toilet training. Participants will also be exposed to tools and strategies that can be applied to effectively support their child to acquire toileting skills.

A variety of learning activities will encourage the participants’ self-reflection on how the information applies to their own child. Participants may be engaged in demonstration activities which will provide them with an opportunity to rehearse some of the strategies presented.

Goals of This Course:

Upon completion of the training workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and understand the main triggers for problems in toilet training in autism, namely:
    • Problems with body awareness
    • Lack of specific toilet training skills
    • Fear of new situations or changes to established routines in toileting
    • Difficulties interpreting bodily sensations for toileting
  • Devise and implement appropriate structured teaching strategies for toilet training following a careful analysis of the needs of their child
Course Details

When:   11 Feb 09 (Wednesday)  6.00pm – 9.00pm
Venue:  Pathlight School
Trainer:  Ms Wong Yeok Lin, Autism Consultant
Fees:  S$69.55 per participant
NCSS CTG Code:  CTG023/08/09  [NCSS Caregiver Training Grant (CTG) form]
Contact: Lina Kam, Training Co-ordinator
Telephone:  6323-3258/9


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    I am pleased to hear such good comments, thanks for all the supports and I will continue the efforts to raise awareness for autism and provide more useful information.

  2. MH

    Thank you so much for creating this valuable source for parents & educators to help children with Autism. This is a great resource.

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