Course: Fundamentals of Autism – EIP/SPED/PRI/SEC (4th run)

Date: 16 September 09 (Wed)

Time: 6 pm to 9 pm

Venue: Pathlight School

Target Audience
  • Parents/Caregivers
  • Teachers/Educators
  • Therapists and Professionals working with/caring for individual with an ASD.


  • None

Course Description

The Fundamentals of Autism workshop aims to increase participant awareness through an introduction to the basis and culture of Autism. It is particularly relevant to parents/caregivers and teachers who would like to have an overview on the topic of Autism.

Participants will acquire a fundamental understanding of:

  • Common facts and myths related to ASD
  • How ASD may affect the individual’s experiences and behaviour
  • Intervention and support needs of individuals with ASD
  • Practical intervention strategies that work

Objectives of The Course

This course will enable you to :

  • Appreciate the different ways of learning and perceiving the world by individuals with autism
  • Understand the reasons behind the difficulties faced by individuals with autism in learning, social interaction and communication
  • Apply basic strategies when teaching and interacting with individuals with ASD

Registration Details

Fees: S$69.55 per participant

NCSS CTG Code: CTG025/08/09
NCSS Caregiver Training Grant (CTG) form

Pre-Requisite: N.A.

Trainer: Ms Alina Chua, Autism Consultant

Contact: Lina Kam, Training Co-ordinator

Tel: (+65) 6323-3258/9


This is the basic introductory course to Autism and is the pre-requisite for intermediate and advanced autism training programmes.


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