Course: Managing Exam Anxiety

Course: Managing Exam Anxiety – 1st Run (Focus: Primary/Secondary/SPED)

Are you one of the parents who are worried about if your child could handle the stress of exams?    How could you tell if your child is having exam anxiety and how to help them cope with it?   

Examinations are very much a part of our education system. Even for the best-prepared students, exams cause anxiety and stress.  Students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or autism need additional help and support to assist them to manage their anxieties to prevent escalation.

This workshop will focus discussion on key issues and various practical tools and strategies commonly used to support individuals with autism in managing exam-related anxiety.


Date:7 Apr 10 (Wednesday)
Time: 6.00pm – 9.00pm
Venue:Pathlight School
Pre-Requisite:None but would be useful for participants to have attended the Fundamentals of Autism workshop


Target Audience
For the following who are caring for  young children ( primary or  secondary school) with an Autism Spectrum Disorder:
blueTick_thumb8 Therapists and Professionals

Course Description


Participants in this workshop will be given the knowledge and skills to craft strategies for managing exam-related anxiety through an understanding of:

how individuals with autism perceive exams as a result of their learning differences
the anxiety cycle and common physiological indicators
the basic tools and strategies that can be applied to help students with autism overcome their anxiety
the implications of exam accommodations for the student with autism


Objectives of The Course

Upon completion of the training workshop, participants will be able to:

understand how their child’s/student’s learning differences relate to exam anxiety

identify common signs of anxiety

apply effective tools and strategies to help their child/student with autism manage his/her anxiety level in exam preparation and to potentially use it in a positive manner during exams

be aware of exam accommodations and their implications for their child/student with autism


Registration Details

Ms Alina Chua, Autism Consultant

FeesSS$69.55 per participant

(Click here for Caregiver Training Grant (CTG) Application Form)

Contact:Lina Kam, Training Co-ordinator
(+65) 6323-3258

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