FAQ on Autism

FAQ on Autism


ASD Frequently Asked Questions

During this autism month, I will introduce or make aware some of the basic of autism.   The purpose of this introduction is to raise awareness of autism and let more people understand what autism is and what autism is not.   For those parents, teachers and guardians who have been handling children with autism, it is good to refresh our understandings on some of the basic as well.  If you have any topics to introduce, please email to me at sporeautism@gmail.com

Is ASD something new?

NO.   ASD existed for very long time or has always been there.   Only recently the terms "ASD” and “autism” are coined and the condition is given more attention to.


Is Autism a mental illness?

NO.  Autism is a developmental disability BUT not a mental illness.

Do they look different?

NO.  People with ASD look like you and me.  You could not tell them apart just by their appearances.   Sometimes, they may have unusual behaviours which may make them stand out of the crowd but more of the cases they could not be easily identified.


Who gets ASD?

No specifics.   ASD could be found all over any countries in the world no matter what kind of race, ethnic, social background, family income, lifestyle or educational level.  


Is there more Girls or Boys having ASD?

Boys.   Boys gets 4 times higher chances than girls.   It may be due to genetic factors but not affirmative.


Is MMR vaccination a cause for ASD?

NO.  It has been a great debate and still is but recent studies shows no proof in this.   See the recent researches on this.

MMR Vaccine not linked to autism ?
No Linkage Between MMR And Autism


What causes ASD?

Not sure.   No one knows and could tell for sure what causes ASD although there are many theories relating to this.   The condition is complicated and it is not easy to pinpoint any cause(s) for this.

Some research show that ASD can be caused by many conditions that affect brain development before, during or after birth.  Some of these conditions include tuberous sclerosis, lack of oxygen at birth, complications from childhood illness such as measles and whooping cough and also maternal rubella. 

see also What Are The Likely Causes of Autism?


Can Parents be a cause?

NO.  It is not caused by emotional deprivation.    Parents should not feel guilty for what they have done or not done as they are not the cause for ASD.   Although researches suggest that there might be some genetic link, the gene has not yet been identified.


When ASD appears?

0-3 years.  You can have ASD at birth or appears within the first 3 years of life.  Usually it is hard to diagnose at these young age and therefore it is more common to be diagnosed at an older age.


Will siblings have ASD too?

Maybe.   Research findings suggest there is evidence of hereditary factor.  Risk of ASD increase if the parents or the other siblings have ASD but it is not definite.


Is there a cure for Autism?

NO.  There is no cure currently.  If you have autism, you have it for life.  Children with ASD will become adults with ASD.     However, it is treatable and many of the challenges faced by people with autism could be minimized.  It is important therefore to have children receive early intervention treatment to maximize their skills as early as possible.

Education and training will help but they are not cure.  Some behaviors may moderate over time especially when the child reaches adulthood.


What is Asperger Syndrome?

ASD minus learning disability.   Asperger Syndrome is a form of ASD but without the accompanying learning disabilities.   They have average or above average intelligence.    Because of this, Asperger Syndrome is harder to diagnose or recognized. 


Can my son be exemption from National Service?

NO.   In Singapore, all male has to be enlisted at age 18.   I am interested to know how to get exemption or at least posted to some less demanding role, if you know you let me know.


Can people with Autism get marry?

YES.  Being independence and latter get married in life depend on number of factors such as the severity of the disorder, the treatment and training they received.  Some form of support to varying degree will be needed throughout their life and marriage.


Other Basics of Autism

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