Free Downloads: Spelling Aids – Dotted letters

Free Downloads: Spelling Aids – Dotted letters

Do you remember those useful dotted letters that you use when you first introduce writing alphabets to your child? You can use the same method for your child’s spelling. However, in the market, there will never be any readily made materials that has all the spelling words that you will need. You will have to make it yourselves.

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When my son is having spelling, I have produced his spelling list with dotted word. This worksheet allows extra practice for him to remember each of the spelling word more efficiently.


Here you can help create your own spelling aid for your child using this simple instructions:

1. Make sure you have the dotted font installed. If not, see the instruction of installing the dotted font.
2. Create a new document in your favourite application, e.g Microsoft Words, Powerpoint or even Excel.
3. Change the font to “Print Dashed” and start typing your spelling word.
4. Change the font size to size 40 or more for younger child.

Ask your child to trace and verbalise each words.  Practice for a couples of times.  Then use a blank page to test him without the aids.  With this extra tool, hope this helps in your child spelling.

Download A Free Sample


If you need a sample of a spelling sheet which is ready for you to modify:
1. Go to the Forum and visit the “For Members Only” section.   You could only see this section if you login as a registered member.
2. Click on the title “Free Download: Spelling Aids – Dotted letters” and download the sample for your free use.
Follow this sample, you should be able to create your tailored copy for your child’s spelling in the future.

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