Happy Father’s Day

To the Hardest Working Dad in the World
Let’s remember that not all the good stuffs are done just by mothers 😉

Fathers are also essential keys to sucessful progress for children with autism. I am involved in many similar ways as many mothers will combat against this challenge, if not more. I am right there from the start of this uphill journey when we first discover our son has autism and learning day by day how best to deal with it and helping our son to cope with it better and better each day. I am 100% sure that I am not the only father who is doing these, many fathers are helping their children to live with autism as well.

So, let me start by sharing my wishes to all fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day and wish you success at all front against your battle on autism.

For those who wish to send your wishes to all fathers around the world, please leave your warm wishes in the comments or at the shoutbox. 

In Fact, I had a little surprise last week when we are have a family outing at the Changi Beach.   My sons made a cute little hand-drawn card that spells the sweetest words that all fathers would die to hear.   They passed to me when I am least expecting it and with so much love  shown in their eyes.   In the card, my sons wrote:  “Papa, I love you very much!”  This is such a wonderful present that I will treasure it and remember that moment till I die.   It is enough to reward me of all the hard works and extra efforts that I have put on them.   I am telling you, it is all worth it !

Enjoy your Father’s Day too! 


  1. Glenda

    It is indeed much better to stand with two feet than with one. Relationships are sweeter when both parties reciprocate equally with one another.  Hence, our struggle to combat or at least mitigate autism is much more successful when both parents lend a loving hand towards our autistic child.  So, thank you FATHERS for being their on the side of mothers.  HAPPY FATHER'S day to all the fathers.

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