Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day


Father’s Involvements

A study done by Rebecca Ang, an associate professor at NTU,  revealed that Primary 3 and 4 pupils who had the support of their fathers have “more satisfying and less conflictual relationships with their teachers”. 


Another study in 2007 by associate professor Anna Sarkadi from the Uppsala University in Sweden, showed that the risk of psychological problems was lowered for young woman and less likely to have behavioral problems for boys whose fathers were more involved.

These are just some recent studies conducted and there are many others pointing to the same conclusion that father’s involvement is essential.

During this coming Father’s Day, may I express the thanks to all fathers who are patiently teaching and guiding their child, spending quality time with them, sacrificing so much for the love of their children.


May I wish all Fathers around the world, a very Happy Father’s Day!


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