How do you celebrate National Day?

How do you celebrate your National Day?  I guess most of us were staying at home watching NDP or even attending the actual NDP for the lucky few.
However, for Pathlight school, they have a different way of celebrating it.   They celebrated with a School Sports Day.  Huh?!  You may stir up with memories and images of boring, event after event type of monotonous Sports Day, right?   I remember my own old school days when I dread to go to the school sport meets.

However, this is not the case for Pathlight.  I have not been to any Sports Day as interesting and as fun as the one by Pathlight school.   It is so different and so interactive that all participants are fully engaged almost throughout the event.    Pathlight celebrated National Day with its own Sports Day that mimics a very tiny Olympic and held it on 8th August at the Serangoon Sports Stadium.   The weather for that morning was extremely hot.   Despite the heat of the sun that shine mercilessly on the children, the spirit was high among all the participants for that event, young and old.  Looking at all the smiles and excitements on every child, it reminds me of the song “You are my sunshine”, especially when we are receiving all the sunshine that we will  ever need in a morning!

The Sport Days kicked off with a jog round around the track with the self-made “Olympic Torch” and followed by track events.   You can hear all the children shouting and cheering for their classmates and schoolmates on top of their voice signaled by their teacher to turn on volume to 5.   Teachers were busy arousing the atmosphere of the Meet and orchestrating the cheers.     The caring side of many teachers were obvious when they are busy fanning the children with paper fans to beat the heat,    entertaining the younger child with small  gifts and passing them drinks and tibits.   In between the track events, favourite National Day songs are sang and lead by the students, while the teachers were orchestrating the dance steps.   The whole stadium was alive with all the audience standing and dancing in accordance to the orchestration.  At times, I was thinking is this a Sport Days or a carnival.

There were telematches for all the levels of the school children and therefore all students were involved in participating in the Sports Day.  The highlights of the Meet, I should say is the telematch event when Parents and teachers were invited to form teams to complete each others.   In every case, this was now the traditional Sports Day, all audiences were fully engaged and enjoyed the Day with much fun and excitement.    I would definitely say that Pathlight had organised a very successful Sport Days cum National Day celebration. 

Let’s cheers for Pathlight, “Hip Hip Hooray” 3(x) !


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