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A New Zealand Fur Seal (Arctocephalus Forsteri) Looks Confused

If you have been here the last 3 days, you must have noticed something different. You may also experienced occasional confusion due to the often changing of layout. The reason is because I was playing with the different options of making this site more easy for you to access.

I have finally settled down with the modification of the main layout of the site. The previous initial layout is of experimental nature and it looks similar with many other sites. As there are now more visitors visting this site regularly, it inspires me to make it better for you. Therefore I have revamped and redesigned the whole layout. I want to make it more unique and dedicated to the awareness of autism.

There are several important features I have made available. The font is made easier to read and the topics are organised on the right. On the top, you could access the main menu where you could branch directly to what you want. There are also interesting polls setup where you can easily participate. We can see and share the results at real-time. On the end of each article, I also setup the rating system where you can rate the relevance of the article to you. If you find this site useful, you can subscribe through RSS which will appear in your favourite browser or email. It is FREE. If you support this site, please become a follower of this site.

Lastly, please provide your comments and feedback on whatever things that you think could make this a more useful site for you. You could also ask for certain polls to be done so all of us could benefit from the results.

Thanks for your support and hope you enjoy and refer your friends who need such information to this site.


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