Occupational/Physio Therapy in Singapore

[Updated: 7-Oct-08]

What is Occupational Therapy?

The main purpose of occupational therapy (or commonly referred to as OT) is to help the development of your child the skills, throughout life, to perform those tasks and roles essential to productive living, including self-care, daily living, leisure and work. Occupational therapists use activities to assist them to develop thinking, writing, and social skills, so that they can function within the school environment and also later in their life.

How is it looks like for a typical session?

Most of the sessions that your child attends will look like a play session to us. They are asked to perform various fun activities such climbing in the gym, paper cutting or drawing. It is through these simple activities that the occupational therapists assist your child to develop certain areas that need improvements such as handwriting or carrying objects.

See how a typical session will look like in this following video which is administered to autistic children:

In this video about OT in Singapore, you will discover about occupational therapy in general which is not specific to autism but to person who lacks the abilities to perform certain motor skills and also for all ages.

Where to Get Help?

In Singapore, there are couples of recommended places that you could send your child to get help.

Occupation Therapy: Where to Get Help? (Part 1)

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