Positive Autism ShowCase: Stephen Wiltshire – ExtraOrdinary Person

Stephen WiltShire – Living Camera

In 1987, 11 year old Stephen Wiltshire featured in a BBC documentary which focused on a small group of autistics with remarkable skills. To the amazement of his school teachers, at the age of six, this unhappy, withdrawn, tantrumprone little boy started drawing London buildings from memory, with extraordinary accuracy.

Now aged 33 his talent has led to a highly lucrative career, exhibiting and selling his artwork in his own gallery near Trafalgar square. This engrossing film follows Stephen as he returns to school to meet the teachers who encouraged his talents, and embarks on a feat that push even him to his limits – a four meter aerial panorama of London, drawn from memory after a 15-minute helicopter ride. The resulting picture is absolutely astonishing.

His artistic skills and extraordinary photographic memory has been challenged several times, at this time in Hong Kong.


See also his amazing challenge to draw Rome.


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