Positive Autism ShowCases: Stephen Wiltshire

The Living Camera

In this video, you will find that even people with autism could produce fantastic stuff that even us “normal” person could not achieve.

Stephen Wiltshire’s nickname is the “Living Camera”. He is from London and is autistic, living in a world of his own. He did not speak his first words “pencil” and “paper” until he was 5. Yet, when he was 11 he drew a perfect aerial view of London.

In this video, Stephen will take a helicopter ride and attempted to draw a replica of the map of Rome. He used 3 days to complete the drawing and the results was just amazing! Most of the windows and side streets and even the most difficult to draw Colosseum was reproduced with alarming accuracy. See to believe it.

See also his feats to draw from memory for Hong Kong.


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