Positive Mindset For Autism

Positive Mindset for Autism

My Mind Is A Steel Trap

Usually, whenever people mentioned “Autism”, “ASD” or “Autistic”, many people will link it to certain negative images and links to words like “Disabilities”, “Stupid”, “Slow”, “Unable to” and “lower functioning”.  This could be due to the many negative portrayal on the different media in TV, radio and newspapers over the years.   Many of these misunderstandings need to be changed ASAP!

Positive Side Of Autism

To me, autistic children should not be labeled disabled.  All of us, strictly speaking, have deficits or weakness in certain aspects, should we also label ourselves autistic or disabled?   Many of us has looked at autism from a negative perspective and neglects many positive stuffs that could be achieved by children having autism.   Many of these children have better attitudes,  stronger belief and a kinder heart.   Some even possess special abilities known as savants.

Mindset Change

We may not be able to stop what the media are writing  or what the general public are thinking directly.  However, we could and need to change people’s mindset and try to shift their paradigm in handling autistic issues. It is not something that can be achieved with in a few weeks, or a few months time.   It will take years.   It could not be achieved solely by me writing and promoting autism via this website.  However, it needs to start somewhere.  I intend to roll it off by publishing a series of articles on what colorful things that could be done by children with autism.  At least, people who see it will slowly and hopefully shift their paradigm over the years.

If you happened to know any good stories, please email me to be published to help creating the mind-change.


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