Positive ShowCase: Kim Peek – The Real Rain Man

Kim Peek – The Real Rain Man

Many of you have watched the Oscal winning movie – The Rain Man by Dustin Hoffman. However, many of you may not know that the main character is based on a real person named Kim Peek that the screenwriter, Barry Morrow scripted.   Kim Peek has a memory that is unequal and is called the “living Google”!

Look at this amazing documentary of Kim Peek and see how he impressed many who queued up to asked him dated questions.  He was nearly put into a mental institute for labelling as “retarded” when he is 8.

However,  his quest to acquire new knowledge and new frontier had made him one of the most impressive mind in the whole mankind.   We should learn from this that no matter how impossible it seems in the beginning, with faith and perserverance, there is hope and even miracles.


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