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Discover comprehensive answers to frequently asked questions about mental health care and explore our wide range of services designed to support your journey towards mental wellbeing.

What types of therapy do you offer?

At Serenity Wellness Center, we offer a wide range of therapy options to cater to the unique needs of each individual. Our therapists are trained in various modalities, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), psychodynamic therapy, and mindfulness-based therapy.

How long does therapy usually last?

The duration of therapy can vary depending on the individual and their specific circumstances. Some individuals may benefit from short-term therapy that lasts a few months, while others may require long-term therapy that extends over a year or more. Our therapists will work collaboratively with you to determine the most appropriate duration for your therapy.

Yes, we accept insurance for our mental health services.

Yes, we accept insurance from a variety of providers. We understand the importance of affordable mental health care and strive to make our services accessible to as many individuals as possible. Please contact our office to verify your insurance coverage and discuss payment options.

How can I schedule an appointment?

Scheduling an appointment at Serenity Wellness Center is easy. You can either give us a call during our office hours or fill out the online appointment request form on our website. Our friendly team will assist you in finding a convenient time for your appointment and provide any additional information you may need.

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Begin your transformative journey towards mental wellbeing at Serenity Wellness Center. Our compassionate therapists in San Francisco provide personalized care tailored to your unique needs. With cutting-edge therapies and a commitment to nurturing minds, we’re here to support your path to a healthier, happier life.