School places for autistic kids

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In this article,  Govt agencies ensuring school places for autistic kids,  Ministry of Education (MOE) and the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) are monitoring the needs of children with autism closely to ensure that there are adequate places for them in mainstream schools and special education (Sped) schools.

There are a few options to proceed after they reach the official age of schooling which is 7 years old in Singapore.

For Mild to Moderate Autism

For more serious Autism

  • Special education (Sped) schools
    • For children with autism who are unable to cope with the demands of mainstream education, MOE and NCSS have made it a priority to ensure that adequate places are provided to meet demand in Sped schools.
    • Currently, there are classes for children with autism in 16 Sped schools and the three autism-specific schools, catering to some 1,200 pupils with autism. There is physical capacity for some 300 more pupils and this will increase to 950 when the redevelopment works at the three autism-specific schools are completed in 2010.


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