Simple Decision for Primary School Registration

A Simple Decision?

The more I try to find out what are the deciding factors to whether put our child in the mainstream or not, the more I realize it is not a simple “yes” or “no” answer. The decision of putting our child to where he “should be” could have a huge impact to what our child will become and how he could end up with in life later on.  

Most parents would definitely prefer to put their child to the mainstream and follow what other children are going through with their education. However, each child is different. By simply registering him to a mainstream may do more harm than good to them in the long run.  

A Simple Flowchart

There are many things that we should consider before putting our child to a school which is more suitable for him. Sometimes, alternatives other than going mainstream (will discuss later in separate topic later) will be better for the child in the long term. 

Main thing to remember is “What is best for my child?” and not to be influenced by the social stereotyping of having to follow the crowd.

I have come up with a flowchart that is simplified and take away other less important factors. It has 3 main factors: Child, Parents, School which influence which and what kind of school to register. It consists of the feedback loop, monitoring and adjustments that will be needed either your child stay in the mainstream or not.

Hope you will find it useful in complimenting your judgment to come to the final decision.


I will explain some parts of the boxes in details in coming days and if you have any comments please let me know so that I could improve and modify on the above “thinking process”. Hope this helps a bit.


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