Singapore School Holdiays Activities

School Holidays Activities

Children Playing On A Playground

Free Ideas

What do you do with your children during this school holidays?  Run out of idea?
Why not try some ideas from the ebook such as “Activities For Fun” and “Holiday Stree Busters Activities in our forum? (Free to join)

Where To Go In Singapore?

Many of us are travelling to nearby countries to “rewards” ourselves and our kids.  In actual fact, there are a great number of places that you can go in Singapore.  You do save a bit of travelling and especially accomodation costs and still having great fun in Singapore. 

For some interesting Singapore places to visit, go to my new site: Singapore Playground which features Singapore attractions and places you could spend quality time with your family.

All places recommended are for family and for children.

Visit often to see what other great ideas I have for you to stop you from cracking your head.   Some of the places I recommended are free and focus on families’ gatherings and having good quality times.  Enjoy and post your comments and recommendations too!


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