Social Skills: Where to Get Help in Singapore (Part 2)

[Updated: 28-Oct-08]

Where to Get Social Skills Training in Singapore (Part 2)

Autism Association (Singapore)

Blk 381, Clementi Avenue 5
Singapore 120381
Tel : (65) 6774 6649
Fax : (65) 6774 6957
Email :


It runs its own AYC Training Programme which cater for older children and it has very good coverage and comprehensive. It includes:

  • Functional Academic Skills (teaching money skills, time etc)
  • Community Integration Skills (teaching how to travel on MRT, weekly outings, etc)
  • Home Living Skills (teaching preparation of simple meals, drink, etc)
  • Self-Care (teaching how to take a shower, brush teeth etc)
  • Leisure Skills (teaching in-door and out door games, etc)
  • Work Skills (teaching how to attend to simple work, etc)
  • Social Skills are also taught throughout the day when the clients are in attendance in the centre through direct and incidental teaching approaches, and
  • Communication Skills are taught to non-verbal youths with the use of Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS)

Autism Partnership
72 Namly Place
Singapore 267220
Phone: 6463-3095
Fax: 6463-2227

Contact: Ms Josephine Keng


It has a social club which is designed to teach social skills in a peer group setting. Activities include group games, structured free play, arts and crafts, disco dancing (for older children) and singing. Specific goals are set out for each child for the session.

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