Swimming Instructors For Children with Autsim

Swimming Coach For Children with ASD

Some kids with Autism may be difficult to be taught in a normal swimming lesson by instructors who had no experiences in handling them.  Some kids may be screaming and "mis-behaving" and these kids may find it  hard to learn swimming and soon dislike swimming or worst having phobia for swimming.  It is good if the child with autism could join a normal class mixing with other children but if it prove difficult then it will be wise to find an instructor who knows how to deal with such cases. 

It is a challenging task to find swimming instructors and validate if they do have experience training and coaching children with ASD.  Most of the information listed here are not verified and most comes from parents like you over the years.   Some instructors may not be teaching anymore and many more new instructors are also available at the same time.  The list is not updated and hopefully via this article, we can have some good feedback and very good recommendation.   So please be active to provide input.

If you are leaving near Hougang, SengKang, Bishan, or Punggol and wish to find an swimming instructor who had experiences in teaching children with Autism, you can find some of the information here.     Some of the instructors are willing to move around and do 1:1 training based on requests.    It is not clear that all instructors listed here are experience to handle children with autism but I will highlight those instructors who have and will list them first in higher priority.  Please always check with the instructor by calling them (their mobile number are given) and ask for price, location, experience of handling children with ASD and other questions.    Rates for group teaching range around $50-$60 per 4 lesson.


NameMobilePreferred LocationComments
Jennifer Stewart97474750Bishan Swimming PoolShe deals mostly with special needs kids and amazing with kids, especially special kids. See her website: http://www.sportslifestyle.com.sg  – and checkout the Autistic and special needs swimming program.
Lim Daw Yong


Pasir Ris

He was a volunteer for many years with AWWA, a special
school.  His students are mostly children with special needs eg
autism, CP etc. Has lots of experience of teaching young kids and has taught children on the spectrum.

Danny96757531Tampines swimming poolHe is good and patient and has knowledge on autism.  Danny is a very experience swimming coach who is very good in handling kids with ASD.
Mr.Lee9732-9030Tampines swimming poolHas experience in handling kids with ASD.
Ben96261008Hougang swimming poolCurrently teaching ASD kids, mostly on 1:1 basis.  He teaches at Hougang pool but is willing to travel.
Roland  Poh     98584233Coasta Sands
He teaches special kids including our ASD kids.

Mr Oh



He is very patient and works with special kids.

Anthony Yeo

9105 9499


He works with special kids.

Chris Hill



Chris Hill  took up a course teaching
swimming to autistic kids.




GREAT with ASD kids. In fact, he works with Genesis.




She has a master in Special Ed and had taught in Pathlight.

Mike Ee


Bedok ?

Has experience with special kids.

vicson91808891 Has experience in handling kids with ASD.
Joel Soh90219315Hougang 
Kes Low96773858Hougang 
Xavier Song82182101SengKangEmail: kklsong@gmail.com
Website: http://xavier-swimmingcoach.blogspot.com/
Fred  Kang9180 4034SengKang
Elan90921825SengKangEmail: sin582001@yahoo.com



Pasir Ris



Pasir Ris




Pasir Ris




Pasir Ris


Pasir Ris


Zhi Ling

9339 2281 / 3150 6280









Edward Foo

9754 7756


Edward is patient, understanding and kind

Albert Neo





Happy Swim Fish  Happy Swim Fish


Good instructors who are able to conduct lessons for children with autism are difficult to find.  It is usually through words of mouth and if you happen to have know anyone who are teaching in your area, please write your comments down.   If you are a swimming instructor who happen to have some experiences and patience to teach children with ASD/ADHD/Autism or willing to try, please don’t be shy to write down your contact details and charges if possible.  It will benefit the Singapore community a lot.


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