Toilet Training Make Easy

Easy Toilet Training

Teaching your child to use the potty may need some creative ideas than pure hardwork.  However, it does require significant patience and preparation for both the parent and the child.  Proper toileting is a skill which is needed by all of us.
For individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or autism, they require additional training and support to help them master this life-long skill. There are many useful tips that I have gathered so that you could implement them gradually and experiment if each tip works with you and your child.  As each child is different, you never know which tip(s) will work best with your child until you try out.
Do it Yourselves Training
You can start the training yourselves by using some of the tips provided by the following articles:
Professional Training
If you would like to get help from the experts, do attend trainings such as:
There will be more such courses coming up so do come back to this site for more updates. 
If you have any other tips or courses that is relevant, please drop your comments below.


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