Tuition for ASD on Reading – Part 1

Learn How To Read is Top Priority

You child may not necessary need a speech therapy if the issue is not serious.  Instead, you may want to enroll him/her for some extra lessons on reading.  Reading is an essential skill to have as it form the foundation of many of the requirements for either in social life or in school.   Nowadays, all the subjects covered in school requires a good comprehension of the topics and reading is definitely necessary first step for understand the subject taught.   The demand for a good reading skills is needed in order to cope with  English, Science and even Maths.   

I have personally witness the general speed of progress academically after my son learn to read.  I have searched for some of the tutors and commercial tuition centers in Singapore and here is a list of providers who are able or experienced to handle ASD children.   I have not used all the providers myself and it is important for you to confirm with the individual provider for more information.   You should always alert them of the likely, specific and current issues of your child and discuss ideally with the potential teacher before enroll him.  The particular teacher should have experience, patience and methods to handle ASD children or at least “slow learner”.   Always opt and asked for a smaller class of less than 6 whenever possible.  

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For those who first try to send your child to reading classes and if your child condition is not serious, it may be good idea to enroll him in those more popular commercial school instead.  So that they could mix with the other children and may be pick up reading faster through those interaction.    Most importantly, we must always monitor the progress by having good relationship with the tutor and asked for the progress reports verbally as frequent as possible.  If the tutor noticed that he/she may be having difficulty, then you might then need to change your “strategy” to ask for a smaller class with similar pace of children or even opt for individual tutoring.  
Most of the good commercial centers will try to identify these children and take proactive actions even before parents asked for it.  Therefore, don’t worry to ask for such arrangement if needed.    Keep motoring your child progress and talk to your child and the tutor.   Be prepared to change to another tuition center or tutor if needed.  


So here is the list of Reading Centers or Tutors you could try:

PingSPED: Learn to read and spell in 3-12 mth!

LEARN! accelerated reading programme for preschoolers – a multi-sensory and play-based reading programme adapted from research & therapy on gifted children and children with developmental disabilities.

Programme is suitable for

1. children from non-English speaking homes/countries

2. children with comprehension difficulties

3. children with reading & spelling difficulties

4. children with mild handwriting and speech/articulation difficulties

5. children with attention, organisational and/or memory difficulties

Fees : Grp $240/mth, Freq:1x/wk, Duration : 1.5 hr/session, Grp size : max 4

Indiv $60-80/hr

Placement test is required. Consultation & Test fees : $70

P1 Prep Class starts in Jan 2009.

Other Programmes :

TALK! communication & cognition programme ( aged 3-5 years old ) target developmental level : 3-5 year old

PLAY! social skills programme (verbal skills reqd – ADHD or autism, aged btw 6-8 years old) target social skills level : 4-6 year old

For enquiries, please call 63335080 or email
Operational hours: Mon – Fri 9.30 am – 6 pm
Centre address : North Bridge Centre (Bugis)
Consultation is by appointment only; strictly no drop-in enquiries.

Enigma Variations

A learning support centre for literacy, numeracy, educational assessments and special daily schooling as well as helping with ADHD, autism, dyslexia and learning disabilities.  . Tuition is offered in Literacy (English) and Numeracy (Mathematics).


Phone: (65) 6 235 5600
Please ask for Nicholas or Cynthia
Facsimile: (65) 6 235 9092

1 Orchard Boulevard
Camden Medical Centre
Singapore 248649

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