Useful December Holiday Programmes 2009


December School Holiday

Again the Singapore School Holidays had arrived and many parents are hunting for good courses and ways to keep their kids occupied.  There are many exciting activities and programmes that you can find in

Below are some of the courses that I would recommends to parents who would like to use this holiday time to improve on the different areas for their children and most importantly to provide fun for their child at the same time.


1. I am a wizard of Positive Thinking

Think Positive


This course help to build up positive thinking in different situation and help your child combat negative thinking constructively.  It teaches students to
develop the cognitive skills and resilience to cope with daily adversity, including criticism, disappointment and bullying.  Each lesson in this mental health
class explains different types of negative thinking and how to spot and combat them.

Cost: $19 (for members of PA).  $24-29 (for non-members)

Duration: 2 hours.

Date/DayTimeRegister WithContact Number
2 Dec / Wed2.00pm- 3.00pmCairnhill CC67379537
4 Dec / Fri3.00pm – 5.00pmPek Kio CC62990565
14 Dec / Mon2.00pm – 4.00pmHougang CC62828887
16 Dec / Wed2.00pm – 4.00pmSenja-Cashew CC62194561



2.  Creative Intelligence

Through a set of well-structured activities and games, the course help to enhance your child’s creative intelligence so that he can think and
learn more creatively and proficiently. Techniques taught include imaginative mindmapping, brainstorming, asking questions and doodling.

Cost: $20 (for members of PA).  $30  (for non-members)

Duration: 3 hours.

Date/DayTimeRegister WithContact Number
17 Dec / Thu2.00pm – 5.00pmPek Kio CC62990565



3. Improve Your Memory Now! Diagram Of Brain Aneurysm

In this course, they will learn techniques to remember
key words more effectively and efficiently, and improve their
vocabulary to instill confidence

This fun and exhilarating workshop will help participants to
catapult their memory power to new heights by unleashing
their hidden talent.


Cost: $45 (for members of PA).  $55-60  (for non-members)  Material: $2

Duration: 3.5 hours.


Date/DayTimeRegister WithContact Number
3 Dec / Thu2.00pm – 5.30pmKampong Kembangan CC64496022
8 Dec / Tue2.00pm – 5.30pmChong Pang CC67588258
9 Dec / Wed2.00pm – 5.30pmCairnhill CC67379537
17 Dec / Thu2.00pm – 5.30pmAce The Place CC68913430
21 Dec / Mon2.00pm – 5.30pmJalan Besar CC62986110



4. K2 Life Skills Camp – P1 readiness



If your child is going to P1 next year, this camp will be beneficial to him/her.  It aims to equip your child with the right mindset, skill sets and aspiration to kick-start his primary education journey.  

This P1 readiness programme will help your child to discover himself and people around them and develop awareness and appreciation for kindness, respect and responsibility.   Through this programme, your child main learning style will become apparent.  He will also develop personal organization skills and study strategies.  The course will also help develop social skills among other things for P1 readiness.

Cost: $20 (for members of PA).  $30  (for non-members)

Duration: 2 days

Venue: Sembawang Primary School, 10 Sembawang Drive.  S(757715)

Contact and Booking: (+65) 6501-7564.    Enrol here.



10 Dec to  11 Dec 20099.00am – 4.00pm
17 Dec to  18 Dec 20099.00am – 4.00pm


See more interesting December Holiday programmes at SingaporePlayground.


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