WeCAN Learning Congress 2010

WeCAN Learning Congress 2010


10th Anniversary Autism Learning Congress


Since 2000, Autism Resource Centre (Singapore) have brought together world leaders in autism best practices for education, early intervention, employment, residential and medical management. This year, you can enjoy 3 days of active learning at this 10th Anniversary Autism Learning Congress.


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The WeCAN Learning Congress 2010 has established itself as an important date on the training calendars of professionals, educators and carers of individuals with autism in Singapore and the Asian Region. We bring you an unparalleled mix of international experts, live autism application demonstrations, country updates and interactive discussion panels.

WeCAN 10th Anniversary Autism Learning Congress will empower families and professionals with the knowledge and skills to cope with everyday learning challenges through the game of Autism Lifespan.


Date:1-3 June 10 (Saturday)  
Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm
Venue:Pathlight School


Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the world leaders in autism best practices.   The topics covered the important topics throughout the lifespan of autism with over 20 International Autism Experts and over 40 learning sessions.


Here are some of the impressive and interesting topics covered during the congress:

2010 Australian Autism Early Intervention Initiative
A Sociological Perspective on Challenging Behaviour: Introducing a Framework for Prevention
Addressing ‘Fleas’: Mood, Anxiety and Compulsive Disorders in those on the Autism Spectrum
Autism Clinical Practice Guidelines: the impact on services in Singapore
Core Values – Understanding its impact on a successful ASD program
Critical success factors for implementation of different models of employment
Critical success factors for implementation of social care for adults affected by autism – the evidence base for good care
Complementary and Alternative Medical Therapies in Autism
Developing a Comprehensive Approach to Educating Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Developing autism services to meet the needs of individuals with ASD across India
Expanding Teacher Skills: The Classroom Language & Communication Checklist
Helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorders develop joint attention skills
Helping families affected by autism; are there practical lessons from research?
In search of: Purposeful and Appropriate Inclusion for Children with Autism
Innovative uses of IT including Virtual Reality in autism
Introduction to the Learning Preferences and Strengths Model in autism education
Latest trends and developments in services for individuals with ASD in the US
Long term Outcomes: What do we know about what works in early intervention for children with autism in the long term?
Looking forward, looking back: A perspective from Canada
Meeting the challenges of developing services for adolescents and adults with ASD
My son Neeraj: Evolving understanding of autism
Overview of Communication Approaches in autism
Overview of the fundamental nature of learning and teaching in autism
Planning for the future needs of people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder in Employment
Practical Overview of Related Mental Health Issues in ASD
Research updates by Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) of Early Intervention and Educational Interventions for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Teaching Strategies under Daily Life Therapy®
The Autism Act; the first ever disability-specific Act of Parliament in the UK
The autistic child’s guide to how to behave – teaching children with Autism Spectrum Disorder behavioral, cognitive and emotional self-regulation
The Higashi approach in establishing adult residential facilities and providing care for adults with ASD
The landscape for support for children with autism in Singapore: recent developments and emerging future directions
The Neurological Aspect of Autism
The utility of Theory of Mind battery as a tool for clinical practice and planning educational interventions
Using the magic of storybooks to enhance development in children with autism
Using the TEACCH Transition Assessment Profile (TTAP) to prepare adolescents and adults for the real world


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