200 babies could hold key to early diagnostic test for autism in children

Britan had conducted a test that can identify early signs of autism among babies could emerge from a major new study of the developmental disorder. The research will look at around 200 infants with autistic older siblings, to seek patterns of early brain development that predict whether they will also develop the condition.

The goal is to identify criteria that can be used to assess very young children’s risk of autism long before its symptoms become obvious. These could then be used to screen infants, so that interventions that might reduce the impact of the condition can begin much earlier than is currently possible.
At present, autism is usually diagnosed in the third year of life, but it is thought that much of the altered brain development that influences the condition begins much earlier.

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What do you think that really causes autism?    Is it link to genes? Food?  Injections? Siblings?

What do you think?


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