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We are all aware that children with Autism usually needs different approaches and methods of teaching for them to learn effectively.  The traditional way of teaching in school with a large class size and not tailored individual’s needs is usually ill-suited for children with autism.    On top of that, teachers need to have lots of patience and understand the characteristics of autism in order to bring the best out of the children.   


Ms Chua

I am pleased to introduce Ms Chua who is specialized in giving private tuition for pupils with ASD in the Mainstream Curriculum.  She is a full-time tutor and have been working with children with autism for more than 5 years!  She has a great passion to learn more on ASD and teaching children with autism.  She had been also a teacher in Pathlight so her experiences is very relevant and she will have the right competence to teach children with ASD.


Ms Chua focus on Mainstream school curriculum support and coaching which is a GREAT news to those parents having children in the mainstream and are looking for a competence teacher.  She could also provide specific skill trainings such as verbal language expression and essay writing.   


More Details

Levels:  For primary 3 – 6

Length of session:  Minimum 1.5 hours.  Maximum 3 hours (including short breaks)

Size of Class: 1:1 (One to one)  or  1:3 (3 is the maximum group size)

Days Available: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Rates: $40 per hour for 1:1.    $25 per hour for group (max 3 students).

Contacts: Ms Chua

Mobile: 9839-9633


More Services Needed

As parents, we knows that we need help and support in any way possible for our children.     For children studying in the mainstream, it is difficult to find tuition teachers who are both capable to teach the syllables and children with ASD.    It is a great news and great services that some teachers like Ms Chua is able to provide services to fill the needs.


To benefit any parents or guardians,  if you are a teacher or provide services relating to ASD, please send me email at sporeautism@gmail.com or singaporemichael@gmail.com to let others know of your services.   Don’t hesitate or be shy as this will benefit the community as a whole.  For Parents or anyone who knows of such services please comment or email to me too, thanks!


  1. Sandy

    Yes they do need extra and different attention to thrive.  Other students also do better if these special students are places in a more one on one situation.  In a large classroom children with autism can disrupt the other students, cause the teacher not to be able to spend appropriate time with each child.  No one benefits in that situation.  I do wish they could learn why this condition has become so wide spread in order to help these children properly, and perhaps lessen the numbers who suffer from it.

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