Merry Christmas to All – Best Wishes

Merry Christmas To You,

Merry Christmas

Well it is time for Christmas and it is time for giving.  

Giving is itself a gift which in return give yourself happiness.   Look around for less fortunate people and give a little of what you can offer, bring them joy and lighten their loads.   We bless ourselves that we are more fortunate against those who may seems less fortunate, less healthy and less wealthy.    We bless ourselves for the greatest gifts from god, our lovely child, for our loving family and at the same time we bless for the less fortunate.     


Best Christmas Wishes

During this Christmas, I thanks for everything I already have.  At the same time, I wish for wisdom and strengths to tackle the future challenges in life.  I wish for “miracles” that improve the ASD conditions of my son and the abilities to discover ways to help others in doing so.  I wish that you too, could find “miracles” in every days of your life.  

During this Christmas 2008, may I wish you a relaxed, warmth and Merry Christmas for you, your child and your family.



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